Synergy massage therapists are exceptionally skilled and provide a variety of massage
Synergy Symphony Massage
A custom massage from a variety of styles: Swedish, deep tissue and pressure point techniques address individual concerns.
60/90 MINUTES $85/$120

Swedish Massage
Relax and Rejuvenate with a Classic Swedish massage. This therapy uses long, flowing strokes, kneading, percussion, and cross fiber friction.
30/60/90 MINUTES $50/75/110

Deep Tissue Massage
An intense, therapeutic massage utilizing deep pressure, long strokes, muscle fiber isolation, separation and stretching applied to superficial and deep muscle layers. It is very useful for those with severe tension, chronic pain and is a favorite of athletes.
60/90 MINUTES $95/135

Hot Stone Massage
Experience tension melting away as warm, hydrating body butter melts with heated stones that trace the body's muscles.
60/90 MINUTES $105/140

Sports Massage Muscle Meltdown
Combine special moist heat packs, stretching, kneeding, deep tissue, cross friction and percussion. Then Rinse Repeat. Great for weekend warriors and gym regulars alike.
60/90 MINUTES $100/135

Expectant Mother Massage
This gentle, soothing massage is specially designed for the expectant mother in her second or third trimester. Custom oils condition the skin as circulation is improved and stress is relieved.
60 MINUTES $95

On-The-Go Chair Massage
$15 for ten minutes

Hot Stone Finale
Any massage can be upgraded with a Hot Stone finale.

My Massage Plan

Save up to $210!

 Synergy offers a massage plan that includes 6 one hour customized massages of your choice.

( Chose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Expectant Mother, Sports, Hot Stone, and Synergy's Signature Massage)


Our professionally trained massage therapists will customize your plan using traditional and revolutionary massage techniques, with your individual needs in focus, to provide a relaxing and revitalizing experience. 

No contracts, no bank drafts, just simply pay upfront and get the best 6 massages you've ever had.  Do one a month or all 6 in your first month!  Also a great gift idea for that special someone  in your life.  Additional massages can be added into your plan at an amazing low price.  Ask about our upgrade to 90 minute massages.